Update has killed picom

lib32-nvidia-utils 510.60.02-1 -> 510.68.02-1
libxnvctrl 510.60.02-1 -> 510.68.02-1
nvidia-dkms 510.60.02-1 -> 510.68.02-1
nvidia-utils 510.60.02-1 -> 510.68.02-1
qt6-declarative 6.3.0-1 -> 6.3.0-2
wlroots-git 0.16.0.r5468.48c811ff-1 -> 0.16.0.r5469.95d3529e-1

Just downgrading nvidia, be right back :smiley:

Yep, rolled back on timeshift and all is good. Update to 68.02-1 kills picom dead :bug: :smiley:

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Any chance you’d be willing to file a bug report for upstream to be aware of the issue? I don’t use picom myself, but it’d be good for the dev(s) to be made aware of this recent issue.

Well there ain’t no point in telling nVidia :rofl:


Haven’t got time to do it tonight, will report tomorrow, need a working machine…

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I’ll hold you to it!


It is the last session of the World Snooker championship (from where I live), far more important than computers :wink:



I just finished watching Fulham F.C. utterly ruin Luton Town 7-0. Fans went pretty wild at the end and “stormed” the pitch at the end. It’s a big deal for Fulham as it means now they can move up to the Premier League. I’m in the US, but watching futbol in England, Spain, and Germany is always fascinating.

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I am originally from Chester (North West England), so do not support the Sheffield teams where I have lived for 42 years, I support lowly Chester who stuffed Bradford Park Avenue 4-0 :smiley:

At least you’re not a Derby fan. Then this would not be a good month for you. “RIP” Rooney

Fair few mates who do support Derby, it is only 25-30 miles away, Derby (as did Chester) has suffered from bad owners.

Feel free to let your mates know your US counterpart is sadden by their relegation. Hopefully they can climb back up, but that’s a tricky road to navigate for sure.

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