Update > crash > reboot > doesn't detect ssd

big problem!
i sudo pacman -Syu today and after a few minutes the screen froze…
i could move my mouse and my keyboard seemed to be alive so i switched tty
to see what’s going on and saw that polybar was trying to refresh some info from
my sda2 (where my eos is installed) but couldn’t read it.
couldn’t ctrl-c out of it or anything so… had no choice but to force hard reboot.
and now the machine doesn’t recognize my sda. doesn’t detect it in bios, doesn’t detect it in live os environment (used live os environment and checked with file manager and gparted).
is my sda dead?? help~~~~ :sob:

wow that was scary… 15 minutes of reboots and shutdowns
hoping something would just magically “click” and recognize my ssd… worked.
maybe it’s the new update that caused it, maybe my ssd ready to retire, i don’t know for sure but that was one scary experience.

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Any errors in kernel log (dmesg) or journal log (journalctl) ?

Might want to run some tests, after backing up any important data.



i checked but couldn’t make anything out of it :laughing:
thanks for the advice about running tests… will do them ASAP

Are you sure you don’t actually have a badly attached SSD?

I have actually come across a number of computers that act exactly like that where the resolution was to physically just remove and then put back the exact same SSD…

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i’m pretty sure they are securely connected but i’ll check just in case.
thanks for the info

Also paste inxi -Fxxxz here if you still can

is my sda dead??

Very possible, that’s usually how they go out - seemingly random crashes, unable to boot until they stop to boot at all, however timing with update is little fishy, so who knows :slight_smile:

So if you have no backup and something important there - it’s best to boot from live usb and backup important data somewhere else, if you still able to

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fortunately it’s back up and running :laughing:
maybe i should make a habit of making backups starting today :thinking: