Upcycle Windows 7


Your opinions on this matter?

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Why would I care a bit about W7? :roll_eyes:


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probably things as on XP you get some security updates i gues :slight_smile:

Can think of a few things off the top of my head. An improved NTFS driver for linux for example… huge wine improvements. definitely a step towards better OS cohabitation.


I signed up for it, I hope they make it FOSS and the people creating ReactOS get to study the source code and use some of Windows 7’s code for ReactOS.

Honestly for me Windows 7 works better on my hardware compared to GNU/Linux. I don’t like how GNU/Linux doesn’t work as well but it is what it is.

THey could also use this for ReactOS as well.

Well, I will ask you this simple question: is MS crazy enough to open:

  1. DirectX (even if it is an old version)
  2. NT kernel (even if it is an old version)
  3. Trident web engine code?

FSF people are just smoking weed here.


FSF doing FSF things…no surprise. They do make a good point about e-waste though. I have to imagine there will be many thousands of perfectly fine computers that get thrown away because they won’t run Windows anymore. That’s a shame.


They can easily converted to Linux. For example EndeavourOS. It’s a shame that they got thrown away, but not only because of Windows 7 i think.

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Then use win if you prefer.
This isn’t the case in my setup, but even if it was I wouldn’t pick that pile of poop.


agree on this :slight_smile: you named just 3 but there’s a lot of technologies in there that Microsoft is relying on in their captive user strategy.

Microsoft doesn’t give away anything for free. :smirk:

But when it does… you’re the product :slight_smile:

But i would make first (more) advertisement for linux distributions. I mean even me was able to install and “maintain” a linux system. So everyone else should be able to do the same. Sure i don’t use Windows Apps/installations but as an office machine or for streaming from netflix or amazon prime, this system is more than as good enough.

i think like in WinXP there will be a group people that try to artificial update win7 :slight_smile: last update of win7 was btw with a bang broke the wallpapers…

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You may be right https://blog.0patch.com/2019/09/keeping-windows-7-and-windows-server.html?m=1

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If you had old legacy Nvidia graphics card you would want Windows 7 over GNU/Linux, even if you installed Nvidia drivers on GNU/Linux, it will run slow and will lag. Sure you well be able to use KDE just fine and do basic tasks such as using YouTube and all but the performance is noticeably worse.