Unreadable icons which do not respect zoom setting

Which is why I stay away from Gnome. I’m KDE or Cinnamon, depending on my hardware.


Indeed! And i3-wm seems more stable to me than anything else I’ve enjoyed along the way.


Same. But also, I actually don’t like libadwaita as a design language in general. But no bashing for today. :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes! Even Openbox sometimes gives me trouble with my tint2 config. But i3 runs perfectly for most things.

I was using keyboard shortcuts in KDE and then in Cinnamon before even considering WMs, so learning how WMs work didn’t have a hard learning curve for me.

This wouldn’t be as big of an issue as you think.

I’ve said this in other threads before: If the world ran on open source, the only thing that would matter is customer service and UX/UI.

This means that if Linux were to increase in market share, Ubuntu et al. would hire more customer service reps for their paid versions of Ubuntu. This includes Red Hat, Zorin OS, etc. There are Linux distros who already provide actual customer service.

People like me who try to convert artists/designers to use open source and Linux usually recommend “easy” distros, none of which are Arch-based. In fact, I rarely mention Arch unless I’m mentioning the advantages of rolling releases, typically after mentioning Siduction Linux.

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:point_up_2: Same. Especially to family/friends I care most about.

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