Unrar vs unarchiver for Ark

Ark has 2 optional dependencies for handling the RAR format
unrar (came installed with EOS)
What’s the difference? Do I only need one or the other? Can I have both installed just in case or do I risk them conflicting?


Most important is that unarchiver is Free & Open-source

  • You need only one.
  • You can have both installed, but that doesn’t make sense because they have same functionality.

Pick one… :laughing:

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One manage rar archives, the other is multiformat and support many old archives formats (Mac, DOS,Amiga) :

You can have both installed.

Tip on the side: If you want to use unrar to unpack splitted RAR archieves, you should install libunrar in addition to unrar, otherwise the compilation will not work. :wink:

I don’t know much about it. I just use Ark on Kde. :wink:

Edit: Everything on Kde is great! :rofl:

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Unrar comes preinstalled in EOS, but not libunrar, and then people wonder why they can’t unpack split RAR archives …

This thread is about ark on KDE, specifically it’s optional dependencies.

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Okay i see…


You can install unrar-free which has less options than its proprietary counterpart.

Not needed, at least for me last year, with a 4 parts archive, libunrar is only required for Calibre (.cbr comics) and optional for doublecmd.



Update: You are right, by now unpacking and reassembling splitted archieves actually works without libunrar.

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