Unofficial EndeavourOS Discord Server

I’ve created and intend on maintaining a Discord server for EndeavourOS users.

I realize a lot of users here dislike proprietary apps like Discord; this definitely isn’t for everyone.
I have met a lot of Linux users who don’t use Telegram for various reasons, and already use Discord.
Many people, including myself, consider Discord to be less intrusive than Telegram and easier to use.
There are already many Discord servers for the most popular Linux distributions as well.

This is totally unofficial at the moment, so the EndeavourOS staff won’t be managing it.
If anybody wants to apply to become a moderator or admin, DM me (Aranym#6778).

Invite link:


Read this post for our point of view:

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Thank you for making me aware of that post :smiley:
If you have any concerns about the Discord server, you’re free to message me here and I’ll get it sorted.

I’m not concerned, but it would’ve been nice if you consulted with one of us in advance on this. When the net-installer is released the number of questions and issues will increase, because of the number of DE’s we’re going to provide.
In this stage of the development it is very essential for us to track down issues on a platform where we can switch easily.

Our communication internally also is on this forum. When a problem arises, we catch it immediately and can act opon it.

When we are further down the road and have a well documented wiki and well known work arounds, I don’t have a problem with having multiple social media platforms run by other people and even make them part of the team.

We are building up a distro here and the upcoming year is very essential in the development of the future of this distro. That is the reason why we want to keep the channel lines short.

If it was up to me, I would’ve closed down the Telegram group in July, but due to history we can’t close it.

I really hope you understand this point of view, it was different if we were a community that discusses distro’s or hardware. The forum is our most important feedback channel.


I do totally agree with you, my timing on this really wasn’t really optimal.
I’ll make sure that people know that the forum is the place to report bugs and other issues.
I am also sorry for not contacting you in advance - I’ll make sure to do that in the future.


I’m going to play Devil’s advocate here:

Then what is the point, at this moment to maintain the channel?

There is still a support channel in the server. I shouldn’t have said ‘other issues’, that was a bit unclear.
I’ve made it clear that the support channel shouldn’t be used to report bugs.
It also serves as an alternative for anyone who wants to join a real-time chat community but doesn’t already use Telegram or don’t want to use it for some reason.

I’m not going to lie to you, but I’m not happy about the way this channel came on the scene.I can’t stop you of course, but I’d really appreciate it that you make it very clear that we are not affiliated with your channel.

The open source community is all about respecting each others work, by not consulting with us and proceed with your plan after I’ve raised our vision for this project, it shows a certain level of disrespect towards us

I’m not an unreasonable guy, but I have every right to be dissatisfied by your decision. This project has a lot of man hours and also money in it. We don’t have the resources at the moment to protect the name, but I was under the assumption that everything in the community could be discussed.

I’m doing this all in the open so it is clear to everyone out there, that we are open for discussion, but don’t surpass us.

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If this is an unofficial Discord server i don’t think it should be using the EndeavourOS logo in my opinion.

I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone with this.
I do realize that I made some mistakes with the execution.

After some consideration, I’ve decided that I’ll invalidate the invite link here and delete this post tonight.
When Endeavour is matured a bit more, I might consult with you and try to make the server public again.

Thank you for starting this project, and all of the work you do to help sustain it.

It seems I don’t have permission to delete this post. If anyone with the permissions could do that for me, it’d be appreciated.

Thank you for doing this and when EndeavourOS hits more maturity and you still want to do this, I’d be happy to make you Moderator or even part of the team, as long as we have open communication.:wink:


I know this has already come to the point, but I find it interesting how someone comes to the idea to create a discussion platform for a community without discussing this before with the community at all?

I can not see that you are an active part of the community here at the forum, and our thinking of contributions is that one starts here at the Forum or at our existing channels to get a part of the community, help others out, start contributing with BUG-reports, or helping at development on doing pull requests on the code.

So we can get trusted on each other.