[UNOFFICIAL] A Minimal Bspwm Edition Install

The official CE aims to provide an installation that you can get started with using right away. No extra configuration required. We keep sane defaults.

But users may want a near empty canvas for building their dotfiles from the ground up. So I created a netinstall and setup script that gives you a near vanilla bspwm experience. Bspwm and sxhkd configs are based on the examples given on their repository with some autostart commands. For bar I am using Polybar with same config as official CE. If you want to remove it and create your own config, just delete ~/.config/polybar and start fresh.

This can be found on my GitHub

Installation steps are simple and are detailed in the Readme file.

I haven’t done testing, if you try it out and face issues, feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

DISCLAIMER : This config is not offered by EndeavourOS, and hence any issues related with configs provided on the above repo must be discussed by creating an issue on GitHub and NOT on the forum here.

This thread is open for general discussion.


that’s what I wanted -when I proposed a bspwm eddition - now an edition where ppl installed the apps they wanted - it should be minimal and up to the user to install what they want on the comp


I tried today minimal installation, it was easy, no issues.

But than my stupidity was on the move.

I wanted configs from official CE bspwm, I git cloned repo, did script install and voila, minimum is not minimum anymore xD


This is something I will try. Want something more minimal too

Quick warning - This can no longer be installed via the latest installer. You’ll need the April 2021 ISO to follow instructions in that readme.

If you need to use the latest ISO, you can install Bspwm edition and then proceed to clone the above repo and rewrite stock configs with the ones in the repo.