"Unmount" symbols after update in Dolphin / Plasma

After today’s update, I have icons in the sidebar of Dolphin that can be used to unmount partitions, as is the case with removable drives. Only with the difference that this is the root partition and the data partition, which are mounted at startup (entered in fstab). These icons are completely useless and hopefully a bug that will eventually disappear. Has anyone else observed this?

Doesn’t appear on mine but I think I’ve hidden those entries

Well, I don’t want to completely hide the devices.

Just unhid it and had a look, this is how it appears no unmount option


Very strange :thinking:

I’m wondering if its to do with partitions, i have everything under 1. just guess though

So System /root and Home /home are both on an SSD, while Data is a partition on an HDD mounted to /mnt/data.

I would assume its something to do with this then but am unable to verify, hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can confirm

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thx for your effort :slight_smile:

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you welcome mate, would be intersting to find out the cause

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Because I had nothing better to do today, I reinstalled EOS Plasma (Apollo.ISO). I was secretly hoping that something had been screwed up over time with the old installation. But that’s not the case, the problem already exists with a fresh installation.

At least found out the reason why this unmount icon is displayed at the root partition: It seems to have something to do with Timeshift doing its backups inside the root partition, so it’s double mounted. So the possibility to unmount root manually is displayed. For me this is clearly a bug. And as for the second hard drive: Also meaningless icon, since the manual unmount has always been possible via the context menu. Moreover, this concerns rather the removable drives and not statically mounted disks.

I also have it, but I don’t use Tmeshift, instead I use snapper. Weird. I will check if disabling snapper helps.

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I checked again and the symbol for / is gone. :thinking:

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