Uninstalling EOS

I have Legacy BIOS. Windows is installed on C drive, and I have a partition(D drive) on Windows of a HDD. On a other partition of The HDD EOS is installed. How can I uninstall EOS and use The Windows bootloader?

:warning: Disclaimer: this post is solely informative. The responsibility of doing the research, choosing the right method for restoring Window’s MBR, implementing it and anything that possibly might happen (or not) is solely yours.

Make sure you have backed up any data of value to you before deleting the partition.

You would need to restore Windows Boot Manager for a Legacy/MBR system.
You would need to do some research on how to accomplish that.

After you have restored the MBR of your Windows system, you could boot into Windows, open Disk Management and delete the partition where EnOS is installed.

Is this Windows 10?

Yes. I found out how using a few commands from the windows recovery/install usb.

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