Uninstall existing timeshift again

I decided to forgo timeshift in the future and was going to uninstall it with yay -Rns timeshift. However, I was shown the following dependencies:

Abhängigkeiten werden geprüft …

Paket (10)        Alte Version         Netto-Veränderung

libdbusmenu-glib  16.04.0-4                    -0,36 MiB
libdbusmenu-gtk3  16.04.0-4                    -0,13 MiB
libgee            0.20.5-1                     -1,85 MiB
libgnomekbd       3.26.1+2+g8d02ebd-2          -0,61 MiB
libxklavier       5.4-3                        -0,36 MiB
vte-common        0.66.2-1                     -0,02 MiB
vte3              0.66.2-1                     -1,85 MiB
xapp              2.2.8-1                      -1,07 MiB
xorg-xhost        1.0.8-2                      -0,02 MiB
timeshift         21.09.1-3                    -3,85 MiB

Gesamtgröße der entfernten Pakete:  10,13 MiB

Which of these should I mark as explicitly installed beforehand in order to keep it?

pacman would give you warnings if those packages were optional dependencies of another package. If you didn’t get any of those, it is most likely safe to remove them.

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If it so happens that you miss some of these packages in the future, you can always install them again when you need them.

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thx @dalto , @Kresimir :+1:t2:


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