Underwater data center

All right, i can hate Microsoft for a lot of reasons…but that idea is really cool (and cooling efficient might i add) :slight_smile:

One minor complaint though:
Sysadmin: “Dammit, hard drive 1052 died again, i need to submerge…See you” :diving_mask:



These things are actually seen as sunk costs (geddit?) so as things fail they don’t care.

I’m waiting for the news item which says companies are abandoning seafloor containers because it’s not cost-effective to recover them, and cue third-party salvage operators.


And for the home user:


Yeah i know, still nice idea though…It would be very fun job :rofl:

How dare you?! :scream:
You’ll hear news like: “Microsoft care about environment and invest a lot of money in ocean” :rofl:

I actually looked into it - not really worth the hassle in terms of temps + it’s pretty scary to submerge PSU anywhere, if you ask me… :sweat_smile:
Well maybe if you make an extreme system and also put it into freezer - then it would make sense :slight_smile:

I’ve seen someone actually done that.

Anyways, ocean is better!
I need a home ocean :thinking:

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I’m no extreme environmentalist or anything, but, as if Microsoft hadn’t polluted the land enough already … with their track record of invasiveness and instability, this just makes me sad; MS don’t care about people, so I doubt they’ll give a flying whatever about sea creatures or environment either.


You know that Microsour knows the oceans are heating up fast due to climate change and now they want to do this., Oh my BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPIN BLEEP. :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

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Is it wrong to hope? …

basking shark


… and, no, definitely not me eating cookies again, lol! :cookie:


Nope not the least bit wrong. Just hope it’s some long thought extinct species twice the size of the USS Gerald R. Ford.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Now THAT should get the job done! :rofl: :+1:t2: … and “defences are modest” … :joy: I don’t think MS’d dare even populate a fish tank with one of these coming at them! How cool would it be … and pair it with the land equivalent = problem solved, and let Microsoft go and live in their polar vault they love so much, lol.

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how about fire :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/b4Jxs3h-3ZU

oh probably no air in it but stil… overheating stil can meld?

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crispy Microsoft data has a definite appeal, lol :rofl:

flamethrower 29 kill streak

I imagine taking out 29 data servers would be annoying for them … for starters … mwahaha


inb4 “Windows has encountered a problem…”