Unclear fonts

Just bought a new combination system Dell OptiPlex i3 + Dell 24” Ultrathin Monitor. Was looking forward to running Endeavour and completed an online install of KDE. Problem is the fonts are awful to the point that after 10 minutes I gave up because my eyes were aching. Tried various setting combinations and different fonts to no effect. The fonts are not distorted, just not clear. Have now installed Solus KDE on the same machine and everything is sharp. Any ideas what I can do to achieve the same with Endeavour KDE?

was it like ?

endeavouros also tend close to vanille.

No, the default fonts are/were as they should be unchanged but just not sharp. Changing to another of the default fonts or downloading Roboto and using that was the same.

i think i had it once also but i dont know the answer really…

Maybe your monitor’s DPI wasn’t recognized correctly by the Xorg?
If you still have EOS installed try to run:
xdpyinfo | grep dots

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