Unblocking User Freedom: the right to use adblockers

An article by fsfe that is well worth reading


Corporations may win some battles, but they can’t win the war


I’m all for blocking advertisements. . . In the US we are constantly bombarded by advertisements and unsolicited calls on the phone, television , Internet and also junk mail. It’s disgusting. If I wanted something I don’t need to be persuaded to buy any particular ‘brand’. I can do my own research. It’s subtle brainwashing at best. There should be laws that promote ‘truth’ in advertising also. So much that we see , hear and think is garbage.



Installed Adblock Plus. :dash:
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Thank you! :de:

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Yesterday, I was on 1n$t4gr4m after their UI update and I noticed that every other post or story was an ad. That’s ridiculous. Imagine this:

post you want to see > ad > post you want to see > 2 ads > post you want to see > ad


If I wasn’t an artist, I’d just straight not be using social media.

I would not touch Meta and X with a ten foot pole. Dumped them years ago and life has never been better without them.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. . .

Rich :wink:

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