Unbalanced Collection at end of report description

Hello Guys,
I installed recently Kali Linux on a second SSD. Firstly, Kali doesn’t appear in my boot options and Secondly, when I want to troubleshoot through my EndeavourOS, it shows me this line at bootup:

I retried multiple times, maybe it goes away but it stays there.
This line stays there many times and I waited a very long time (1 minute, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, even 10 minutes!) and sadly there’s no progress? Did the Kali Installation broke something with my EndeavourOS?
The Kali image is the newest installer ISO and it is sha256sum’ed. I also tried to unplug the SATA Cabel off my Maimboard, from which the second SSD is connected

What is the bootloader you are using? Does kali have its own efi boot partition or are you using legacy bios boot? As far as the unbalanced message yeah i have no clue.

Check your uuids in fstab and see that they are correct.

I’m using systemd-boot.
And yeah, Kali has its own EFI Partition.
The BIOS Mode is set to UEFI

Okay so I compared the UUID’s with blkid, there’s a mismatch with the endeavour os UUID’s with the UUID showed in the picture

What about the kali uuid?

I would make necessary corrections and see if it helps (backup fstab as fstab.default or whatever)

Nope, the kali UUID is also a mismatch

Does a new fresh install of endeavour os help?

think i would arch-chroot into the system and try to fix the error instead of reinstalling. hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable about the boot process can chime in.