Unable To Use Skype On Endeavouros

Hello friends, I recently encountered problems while using Skype. For some unknown reason, I keep getting logged out of Skype while on a conference call. I don’t know why this is happening and how to solve this issue. Can anyone provide any suggestions? Any help will be appreciated.

Launch it from a terminal, there might be error messages when the call drops.

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And are you using:

aur/skypeforlinux-stable-bin (+288 8.59) 
    Skype for Linux - Stable/Release Version


I do always recommend to use skype-web … needs to use chrome to be used but will be more stable.

Thanks for replying. You are right. Sky-web is more stable. But I want to use the application. Yesterday after I did a lot of searching on Google I found this, applied several processes mentioned there, finally one of them solved my Skype problem. I just reset Skype’s App data. Now I can use Skype without any problem.