Unable to Install Joplin & Ehterpad

I’ve been trying to install Joplin for a few months hoping that eventually an update fixes it for me, but I am out of luck. I tried to install Etherpad and have the same issue. I get the following error: npm ERR! semver.simplifyRange is not a function

First of all, I would share that I use the appimage version of Joplin. It is the only officially supported mechanism.

Alternatively, there is an AUR package called joplin-desktop-appimage which basically pulls the official appimage apart.

That being said, the regular AUR version of joplin-desktop is working fine for me as well. Do you have a version of npm or electron installed that is not compatible?

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It is joplin-desktop that I’ve been trying to install. I have npm version 7.23.0-1 and multiple versions of electron due to packages needing different ones.

I just successfully built, installed and tested it with these:

electron 14.0.0-1
npm 7.23.0-1
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Thank you for installing it. It looks like using sudo npm i -g npm. Clearing npm cache and reinstalling did not do anything.

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