Unable to create partion during install

Hello everyone,
I am new to linux in general but have already been through a few distros before finally landing on endeavour os.
The installation process was going well and when I had to select the partioning method I chose manual as I had to remove previous linux partitions while maintain windows one.
During the menu I was able to make the necessary changes and after finalizing the installation details when the installion started it threw out an error stating that it was unable to create the new partitions and the window closed.
I noticed the linux partions were deleted and was as free empty space.
I then tried replacing the free space with endeavour os in the installion manager but again the same error popped up.
Finally I had to use gparted to create a partition and then install on it.
I was just wondering what went wrong… ?

hello and welcome, this is the cause of a small calamares bug, that’s why we ask to go through gparted to partition

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Before the installation, go to the partitioning method as shown in the notification window. Delete the old partitions and ensure that you have GPT set with one ext4 linux partition. You can do this in cfdisk from the terminal command line much easier than GParted. During the installation choose the ‘erase disk’ option and calamares will do the right things for you.