Unable to create OS on hard drive: Newbie

I’ve logged into the live system via an ISO dvd (1.8Gb image).
Partitioning & further installation of the system from the welcome screen has not been possible as it only sees the dvd drive image with the message ‘there are no partitions to install on & there is not enough drive space. At least 5.5Gb is required’
How do get to configure my 1TB hard drive in the circumstances
Also is the installation eufi?
Thank You.

Perhaps you need to switch the sata controller from raid to ahci in the firmware settings.

If you have Windows installed on this disk, I have seen cases where doing so have rendered Windows unbootable so you might need to take some precaution before the switch.

:warning: Disclaimer
Make sure you make your own research and post here on the forum in case of of doubt.
I’m not that familiar with these Windows’ subtleties but I’m sure other forum members will be able to give you more advice if needed. Ultimately, the responsibility of your machine and the modifications you make is on you.

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Have you disabled Secure Boot and enabled UEFI mode in your BIOS settings?

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UEFI is the 1st boot option in the bios & my bios has no Secure Boot setting.

I have no raid firmware setting in the bios. Gparted only sees the size & used properties of /dev/sro (the dvd drive). The hard drive does not have any partitions.

info would be king here…

What is the system you try to install on notebook PC, was it working before?
What is on the harddrive?

We could help if we would get info about the used hardware:

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

(needs internet and will create a pastebin with hardware info run as it is inside a terminal)

But from experience the issue is about the harddrive… it could be defective… or disabled in Bios or even not good connected to the wires… or one if the wires are defective…

you can check what the kernel see on harddrives with lsblk -f or sudo fdisk -l from a terminal…


Ran from command prompt in Gparted.
inxi & eos commands not found.
lsblk -f: unable to copy to other computer from Gparted (any specific info required?)
‘user@debian: sudo fdisk -l
Disk /dev/loop0: 421.02MiB, 441475072 bytes, 862256 sectors
Units; sectors of 1 * 512 =512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes /512 bytes
I/0 size (minimum/optimal):512 bytes /512 bytes’

i say inside a terminal not inside gparted… :wink: :tipping_hand_man: gparted do not have terminal prompt… afaik ?

i mean from the installer live session … open a terminal and run the commands…
Also give info about how you created the installed media please…

you can run every command so that it will create a short rul to the pastebin …

lsblk | eos-sendlog or
sudo fdisk -l | eos-sendlog

i wrote — sudo before it :wink:



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Are you on an Endeavour USB?


Do you have windows install on the 1Tb drive? I have experience that if windows is installed and fast boot was activated I am unable to do anything with the drive. Had to remove fast boot from windows setting to do so.

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