Unable to create LVM in EndeavourOS (using the new installer)

So there is this free space partition and I want to create an LVM. So I can’t seem to press OK. I have tried playing around with the Physical Extent Suze but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

I am very confused as to how to use this.

I want to essentially create an encrypted partition and inside this encrypted partition I want to have an LVM and inside the LVM I want to have two partitions, one for root and one for home. Is this possible?

Should I first format that free space partition and use these settings?

And encrypt it?

If I do this it shows this.

If I were to click on this partition and select New Volume Group I get these options.


I tried nearly the same as @unix_lover wanted to do.
My testing laptop has one single hard drive. My plan was to partition the hard drive with 100MB for EFI on FAT32, 500MB for /boot on ext4 and the rest for a LVMonLUKS where the root, /home and swap partitions should be inside. But if I start the installer I struggle to create the volume group inside the lvm2 pv while manually partitioning the hard drive as shown above.

@Bryanpwo / @joekamprad:
Is it correct, that an installation with a mix like mentioned above is not possible in calamares?
Do I need to create the LVMonLUKS prior to the start of the installer like it was described in the great tutorial @joekamprad made for Antergos.
Or do we still need the great tutorial from @2000 for LVMonLUKS or BTRFSonLVM?

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LVM creation is mostly not working at all only with calamares, it is possible only with workarounds


I will try to install using the old tutorial from Antergos first and will report here.

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As maybe read in the other thread :wink: LVM and LUKS encryption are only working with the latest installer in the following ways:

  1. Encryption without LVM.
    There you have two different possibilities:
  • Use the complete disk encrypted. You can choose it in the installer at the step where you partition the drive
  • You can manually partition the drive, e.g. a /boot-partition and a second partition for the system and data which you can encrypt.
  1. Encryption with LVM.
    You only can use the two tutorials of @2000.

Every other way is not working because of limitations of calamares.