Unable To Create Additonal User

Hi Friends,

My Acer borked with the last EOS update and made the laptop go to the BIOS password.

Sadly, the password slipped my mind and I am permanently locked out. :frowning:

The good news is that I was donated a pre-owned Dell Inspiron 15 and of course, installed EOS.

Now the newest challenge is that I am unable to create an additional user account to work. I created an account and when I logged into that account, the screen goes black and then I am back on the sign-on screen.

Halp. :sos:

P.S. Bonus question: What is the easiest way to verify the checksum of a ISO file? I downloaded and installed the newest ISO for EOS yet I didn’t have time to verify the checksum. I know, I know…bad Ro-Ro…

P.S.S. Now that I have installed the latest ISO, is there anyway to verify that the OS is legit?

How did you create the account?

Per the instructions below:

very detailed… tutorial .
sudo useradd -m -G wheel rfkill sys -s /bin/bash username
(this is what is used on initial install)
followed by:
sudo passwd username

should work in any case…

verify ISO:

sha512sum -c EndeavourOS_Cassini_22_12.iso.sha512sum needs EndeavourOS_Cassini_22_12.iso.sha512sum and EndeavourOS_Cassini_22_12.iso in the same folder where you run the command.

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Those aren’t really instructions. It is just a bunch of commands.

My guess is that you either didn’t create a home directory or your user didn’t have rights to the home directory.

I usually add users with:

sudo useradd -m -G wheel username
sudo passwd username

why follow random post on web :thinking:

Arch wiki be 1st place look it cover most thing.

" https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Users_and_groups "

i wish you well on new Dell :+1:


as /etc/default/useradd (defaults) do not have -m set per default I bet you created user without home directory… so it can not load a Desktop (needs this for config files)