Unable to connect to host 'smb://freebox_server/'


On my EndeavourOS installation, everything works perfectly, except for one thing: I can’t connect to my Freebox server.
This is the message that appears: Unable to connect to host ‘smb://freebox_server/’.
Samba is successfully installed and running.
I completely disabled the firewall.
But nothing to do, impossible to connect.
I have another PC with Manjaro, and the connection is made without any problem.
Thank you for your help.



Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you.

So your EnOS device is the Samba Client, and the Freebox server is ? Windows, Linux ?

If the Freebox has a ssh server available, I would connect that way with sshfs.

For Samba, does your EnOS device have smbclient installed?

pacman -Q smbclient

I have never connected a Linux box to a Samba server before, but the Samba server in Freebox will need to setup a smb share, specify which users can access that share, and the Server will need to have a smb password. Then to connect to the smb share the client will need to know the share name (case sensitive) and the smb password established in the Samba server (freebox)

Sorry, I’m not too experienced in what you are trying to do