Unable to change wallpaper in bspwm

successfully installed online xfce + kde version.
Installed bspwm after that. then tried to change wallpaper using wellcome app. No way.

Tried to change it using nitrogen. No success so far. If i launch nitrogen in terminal I get this message:
“UNKNOWN ROOT WINDOW TYPE DETECTED (plasmashell), please file a bug”

Very strangely, wallpaper changer in XFCE works flawlessly

[update: feh not working ]
any hint?

Have you tried using feh?

feh --bg-scale /path/to/image.file

feh not working either

I don’t use bspwm but if there is a line in the config the mentions dex comment it out.

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Xfce+KDE+bspwm on same user . ASK for problem ( that my personal opinion ) maybe i read post wrong

investigated some options and discovered i could change wallpaper entering kde. so the kde is taking control like a maniac.

Erased kde from my system and everything is ok now

yay -Rnsc plasma

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