Unable to boot after an update


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Managed to install lts and after today update naw lts not working, non kernel works

I followed how to save grub and reinstall it. Same problem. Black screen with switched to clocksource TSC message

on linux-lts ?.


On today’s update there were zen arch and lts kernel. Now none works. I have not installed some hardened because I don’t know what it is

yes none works. just updated , only thing is use arch-chroot and downgrade both

I just had that issue when lts upgraded from 5-15.55 to 5-15.58.

I booted off my usb installer, arch-chrooted, manually reinstalled the lts 5-15.55 kernel and headers from /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and back to running. I guess I’ll keep my eye on that bug noted above and put linux-lts in the ignore list for now.

just weird 5.18.14 to 5.18.15 was about memtest …

can someone test in a kernel line of linux as examle memtest=0

just grub menu e ; look what it happend, my wife is now on the laptop :slight_smile: mayby someone can try this out for mle

my wrong didnt work :stuck_out_tongue: have to wait then ;:slight_smile:

It seems kernel 5.18.15.zen1-2 is not working, all versions of .15.
I downgraded Linux-zen from 5.18.15.zen1-2 to linux-zen 5.18.14.zen1-1 and linux-zen-headers from 5.18.15.zen1-2 to 5.18.14.zen1-1, now everything is working.
Tomorrow I’m gonna do the same for lts

Thnx to all for guiding me and ringo

Make one kernel in pacman.conf on ignore… if you tey one out by update if that works again then you can pull it oit ignore later