Unable to boot after an update


I have been using Endeavour for about a month. I played some games then updated my packages as usual with paru.

The only thing that I did that’s not usual is that I did shutdown with “shutdown”.

Now at boot I’m stuck with this


I had a problem with the endeavour.db not found that I did not fix.

What can I do?

hi @BubuGagaGugu welcome to the forum :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:

the solution for the endeavour.db problem you can find here
in solving your main problem with booting, someone who knows what to do will surely be able to help you soon.

You can try to use an usb chroot intoo th me system. Mount root intoo /mnt and boot druve intoo /mnt/boot then arch-chroot in inte /mnt try to install linux-lts and linux-lts-headers whatever if tou have nvidia… sudo mkinitcpio -P and check if lts kernel also works

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I’m always pretty up to date on updates. Most likely I was on the latest kernel, drivers and what not. I’ll try tomorrow

I screwed the chroot and I reinstalled a fresh version of Endeavour.

However, I am having the same problem. Maybe it’s an hardware problem? The computer is only 5 yo

Shouls not having lts is good as picture sound like sort disk issue but might wrong or kernel specifik issue with linux lts beside you can keep track

I saw a failure after installing it a second time. I’ll try to install Ubuntu and see if the problem persists, who knows. I’m planning on upgrading that computer in a few months, but it would be quite annoying to have an hardware problem now.

I have the same problem after the last update. The last message on boot is ‘clocksource: Switched to clocksource tsc’.

Fresh install didn’t help to solve the issue

At least I’m not alone LMAO. It’s somehow reassuring

I installed Ubuntu and it works. Not sure what happened.

I have the same issue. Was running fine on a Lenovo Ideapad 3 Chromebook until an update 1.5 days ago. Complete reinstall did not do it. I will try a reinstall with LTS kernel and see what happens.

But why did you mark this post as a solution? You’ve installed Ubuntu and after that reinstalled EOS and now it is working?

No, I just slapped Ubuntu and it is working. My system is working. But I removed the solution as it can be ambiguous.

LTS Kernel is a success. I am back up and running on the IdeaPad. Hopefully this will last a while.

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Just a piece of advice. Always have the lts kernel installed in addition to the latest kernel on your system. This gives you a fallback option if there is an issue with booting.


Some kernel specifik updates can give errors. Lts you have feedback since thatsbin maintainance mode for stability… is also vice versa…

Updated my older laptop have te same issue lol also grub is a mess

Devnittly a kernel issue i dont know the tricks of acer bios but have to fix my grub too it doesn sjow ip cannot go to lts lol…

I am new in this. I have same problem after update last night. I was using Linux Zen.
Some guide lines how to Chroot?

This is well written


There are two options one efi and bios

Is basicly simple you have to mount your root to /mnt and boot partition /mnt/boot/efi then sudo arch-chroot /mnt but dont blkid someting to see your drive… install linux-lts and uts headers helps…and add to grub