Unable to access sddm after update

I’ve just updated my system, and I’m unable to get the login screen. After I boot my pc a black screen appears instead of sddm. I can access the TTY, and after login I typed ‘startx’, and the black screen appears again.

Laptop with nvidia gtx 1050ti + intel integrated graphics.
SDDM login manager
KDE Plasma 6
Kernel: stable + LTS (the issue happens on both kernels)

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

optimus manager?
needs rebuild same counts for envycontrol (python update)

It worked! Thank you so much @joekamprad :slight_smile:

side note: there is a hook, is mostly 5/5 on update list, its checkrebuild, if foreign packages need rebuild it wil note there, mostly is from aur. does not work always i gues but checkrebuild you can check it from terminal too :slight_smile:

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