Udev and redhat rules skipped by dracut



Biosdevname, redhat,udev rules are skipped while installing new kernel always. How could i get those included in installation ?

Dracut may realize that udev.rules is in conflict with systemd and should not be included in Dracut.

Nevertheless, try to edit /etc/dracut.conf to add:

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in general, dracut only includes stuff if it is necessary for early boot (stuff that is included in the kernel image which is the first thing loaded in OS boot up). Stuff that is only needed later on is never included and just bloats the image.
You can add DRACUT_QUIET="true" to your relevant dracut conf file (see https://discovery.endeavouros.com/installation/dracut/2022/12/)
so that you don’t get those warnings any more. You will still get real errors if there are any.

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