Tuxedo Sirius 16 Sleep/Standby

Hi to all,
I am now using EndeavorOS quite a wile on different machines, started with an old Surface Pro 4 and an older Asus Notebook.
Now I got my new Tuxedo Sirus16 some weeks ago.
The install of Endeavor went well so far, installation of Tuxedo drivers and Control Center also was no problem.
There is one problem I did not get solved for now.
When I try to set it to Sleep or Hibernation, the screen stays black and only a hardreset with pressing power button gets it working again.
I have seen an post on Reddit that this is actual only working with an patched Tuxedo Kernel https://github.com/Szybet/tuxedo-kernel-aur

This should be the kernel fix

I would like to stay on standard kernels, any chance to get this working on standard kernel ?
Thanks in advance

What video card is in it?

It is an AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT 8GB