Trying to understand Genymotion android emulator

I’m trying to understand the Genymotion emulator on Arch. It seems to be able to play android games on full acceleration but yet underneath it uses Virtualbox as a backend. However, if you use just pure Virtualbox to run your android machines, you don’t get any of these accelerations. Is Genymotion doing some sort of wizardry of graphics and cpu acceleration somehow that allows it to take Virtualbox which is horrible at speed and speed it up to a point you can’t tell if its on an emulator at all?

I started their documentation, but then read

and got confused, so I stopped reading as I don’t have written permission to transfer their documentation from their website to my browser. :man_shrugging:

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just link it, I can read it from there.

Since Genymotion is closed source does this mean they took an opensource application aka Virtualbox, added their own stuff and started charging for it? Curious how Oracle’s license applied to this case anyway.

Does that include optically? Orally?..wait, I don’t have written permission to think about it :exploding_head: