Trying to simply changing out colours in themes

This might be better under a better headline/area here on the forum but basiclly I’m trying to see if there is any text editor or prgram that when I’m view theme configs that can display the colour codes in the colour that they are instead of doing it the way I have been doing it currently and having gimp opened in the background to work out what each colour is

If you click on the color, it will show you the code.

These are the colours I’m trying to easily change, just clicking on the colour code does nothing. (I’ve seen a text editor that does do that though) BTW I’ve only tried with Kate so far

Aren’t those the same colors you can edit in System Settings->Appearance->Colors?

Yer, I’ve worked with it this way in the past but certain colours it doesn’t seem to change even when it saved, I’ll give it another try (only wanting to exchange 1 colour in this theme)

Seems to be working with this theme, but yer more trying to simplfy the process as I can have up to 4/5 programs open when I go to change out colours etc just to get it looking right. Not liking this theme so much though as half the colours are done by kvantum (much prefer breeze)

It works easily in vim. If you hover with your mouse pointer over a word that is a colour, e.g. yellowgreen or a HEX code, e.g. #9acd32, a square in this colour pops up.

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Nice, turns out it works in nano too and after a little test just typing it in konsole

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