Trying to put together a sorta all in one chat web app

So Im looking for a way to make a sorta all in one Chat application that will let you run things like Steam Chat, Element, Discord, etc. all from one application. Unfortunately the best way I can think to do this is with Electron seeing as it uses the chromium engine and it seems Steam Chat will absolutely not work any other way. Ive tried to do it using FF and creating faux web app windows but the webrtc connection fails for steam chat. Every other one works fine and the steam text chat works.

Unless someone knows how to resolve this error

(WebRTC) setRemoteDescription error: OperationError: Description contains duplicate extension id 1 on level 0

Id love to throw something together with a modified firefox profile, if i can get this working through FF id be happy to share the setup and basic profile for folks to use.

Anyone have any ideas? or maybe at worst guides to getting into electron?

so while looking into this i found this application

anybody heard of or use this before?

EDIT: This doesnt work either with Steam Chat, the voice connection never connects. Gave ungoogled chromium a try but the changes to webrtc stuff in there isnt a go for obvious reasons. I think Steam Chat VOIP is just doing something weird that seems to make it only work on full chrome/chromium browser or the chat client :man_shrugging:

If you see rambox basicly you loginto there server and goes al by there is bad… lost all in one are used the online versions of respective chats… steam chat is not like that is more oldfashion would doing things with libputple better?

No because libpurple only supports text chat. The old steam chat could work with it but they did an overhaul of the chat client and backend a couple years ago.

The chat client now uses webrtc with a custom chromium embedded framework. Its basically a PWA now and I have yet to get the voice functioning on anything but a plain chrome/chromium or the steam client.

I thought an electron client doing just a basic browser window as that uses chomium api might work but the electron apps Ive found to test that theory have shown it not to work there either.

Try PeerJS, I use it for WebRtc dev (text & media streaming).

I started with raw WebRtc api, but ended up with occasional & unexpected timing issues ( => RTCSession).
Then I switched to PeerJS, problems solved.