Trying to Load Pre-Existing Steam Games from External Drive But Drive is Read-Only

Hi. I’m very new to Linux, so please make this easy. I simply need to load the games from my external SSD into Steam, but when I go to add the folder as a library, it says the library must be emtpy. I can fix that by simply creating a new folder, then copying the games over to that folder. But the SSD won’t stay mounted, and it has read-only permissions. How do I fix this?

I assume this SSD is NTFS, which by default is a read only driver in Linux.

Kernel 5.15 added a new ntfs3 driver, which is not read only, and may help you here.

For how it works with Steam, there is already a thread about it.

Be careful though, if you are using Linux for gaming I would recommend using a Linux native file system, to avoid file system corruptions.

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After some thought, I’ve decided that I will simply install my most played games and used software(Minecraft Java Edition, Among Us, Garry’s Mod, No Man’s Sky, Vegas Movie Studio 16, and Wallpaper Engine) on the 1 TB M.2 that Linux is installed on, and just not touch any other drives. Thanks for the help.