Trying to install Endeavor OS on a older Dell with new 2 Tb drive getting 'pacman won't run' error

So I bought a used Dell tower i7-4770, installed a new 2 TB Seagate drive, put my Endeavor OS memory stick in the USB port that has worked on two other machines like this just fine, get well into the installation process, and get the error that ‘install failed, pacman won’t run’. Totally weird. From the live boot side of the stick I certainly can run pacman, so I’m baffled that it fails during the installation process. Any ideas?

After a failed install, run the eos-log-tool and check boxes for install log, inxi (hardware info) etc.

Post the URL you’ll get on the forum.

This would give people who are able to troubleshoot the issue something to work with.


I ran the eos-log-tool and the URL I received was this:

Just as a test, I was able to install Manjaro on this unit, though some of the disk operations seemed slow to me. Given that this is used hardware, could be a problem somewhere in the interface to the hard drive.

I added additional information through the checkboxes and made the file quite long, might have been a mistake.

It looks like you are using an old ISO. Try the latest if you can.

If you can’t, you will have to edit one of the config files on the ISO.

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error: target not found: grub2-theme-endeavouros"

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Yes, that was removed from the ISO with Nova so that must be an older ISO.


I’ll download a fresh one and see how it goes…


That was the issue. A fresh download and all loaded without problems.
Thanks all for your help.


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