Troubles with the enOS ISO crashing

For some strange reason, on this laptop and only this laptop, I have trouble with the live ISO. I mean, the installer runs, but often with Linux distributions I like to browse the net while they’re installing. When I do this for a while, or even something as simple as opening a thunar window and navigating to an external hard disk to copy some files before even starting the install, there seems to be a 50% chance that the desktop will lock up and become unresponsive. obviously REISUB isn’t enabled, can’t switch to a tty, need to do a hard reboot. I’m using the regular (not nonfree) entry in the grub menu, that boots into Nouvaeu drivers. Could be that, but I dunno, doesn’t happen with other distros using Nouvaeu, Maybe I’ll try that later. I have an installed system now anyways, just curious because this has happened repeatedly. Sorry if this post has all sorts of typos or makes no sense, I’m tired. And off to bed I go…

Could be many different reasons.
One thing to try is use a different USB port.

Could you show info about your machine, e.g.

inxi -Fxxxcz | eos-sendlog

This is from my installed system, but I installed eos-log-tool and ran it:

hey, wait, it just outputs to, why did I pull in endaveouros-theming for that :thinking:

Two USB ports on my system, have tried both. It’s really not something that I can easily reproduce, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info! :smile:

You have a laptop with Intel and Nvidia graphics.
You seem to be using either intel or nouveau driver.
The latest Nvidia proprietary driver seems supported by your card.

You could use the optimus-manager package from AUR.

Here is more info:

Indeed, my laptop has a hybrid graphics setup. However, the Nvidia card in this is horrible, whereas the integrated graphics are amazing (on these 11th gen cards, they beat that poor Mx330), so I just want to completely ignore that card. Cheap Bios doesn’t let me do it though.

The properitary driver supports it, but the open source setup works perfectly out of the box after installing; only uses the Intel card. Like I said, I’ve gotten it installed, just was posting because I was curious. Next time I do an enOS install, I’ll try the nonfree entry on the Grub menu. Thanks for your reply!

If you want to use the Intel driver only, then you can blacklist nouveau by adding a kernel parameter (see

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Thank you, I’m going to do that for everything now. Potentially that could be a default flag (only for the default iso)? Most people don’t want to use their 3080s to game on an usb stick anyways… :wink:

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Using that by default in the ISO might not work on every machine.
But we continuously explore new ways of making the ISO work better for everyone.


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