Trouble with my Brother-MFC-L2680W

So I have a Brother-MFC-L2680W connected via WiFi. I can print to it from Windows, however, when trying to install it on EndeavorOS via CUPS I keep getting and error that the configuration is incorrect. I’ve tried the drivers listed (most of which say they can’t copy the PPD file), but tried installing the driver from the AUR. After editing the packagebuild file I got it to install and one of the drivers succeeds, but I can’t print. It just gives me an error that the configuration is incorrect. Anyone else have this printer or have any ideas?

Hello @GrumpyRobot
I see there is only one driver in the AUR available for this printer. Did you try to install it using the http://localhost:631/


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on setting up printer you must take care to use network printer and adding it by ip and socket + port:
socket:// change to the ip of your printer, then choose the right driver from driver search