Trouble getting Astro a40 headset with mixer working

Hello, I am currently running EOS (XFCE as DE due to it being the closest to windows in terms of magnifier use) and am trying to get my headset working. It appears in lsusb as a “Astro Gaming Astro MixAmp Pro” however it does not work. If I set the “Built-in Audio” setting under pauvcontrol to be “Digital Stereo (ICE958) Output + Analog Stereo Input” I can get the headphones working but not the microphone which just shows static when testing and under input devices as all being unplugged. My Audio codec is a “Realtek ALC1150” and I am using an Asrock motherboard if that matters. The headset has 2 ports (1 USB for mic and 1 headphone jack). I know there’s an issue because whilst the on-off button on the mixer works, the bottom 2 (which are meant to mute the mic or headset) don’t work at all and it is not possible to just use them individually (2 ports go into the mixer, 1 goes from mixer to headset). I plan to use the headset to play games with my friends.

Thanks in advance