Tray PopUp-Windows does not show up

i have a problem with my Plasma Panel, in the Tray section normally some PopUp Window appears when you click on the tray icons or the triangle. For example the available wifi-networks if you click on the network icon. But for me it does not work anymore. Somebody know how to fix this or reset the panel?

Are you using breeze style?

I experienced similiar behaviour when I switched to Wayland from X11 (for the record, using prop nvidia drivers too), but ever since then, this odd behaviour vanished.

When I clicked on that little triangle arrow, I noticed that the window appeared as a little spot just above the triangle if you look closely, and when I hovered my mouse over it, an expanding arrow appeared, so I expanded it to the normal size and it’s working since then :slight_smile:

Also while I was using X11 with my Nvidia prop drivers, I noticed that clicking on the tray icon does not respond, only after I hit my WinKey, to make the menu appear, then the buttons were again responsive. Ever since I switched to wayland, this behaviour was fixed.

~ Magus :mage:

I have this problem too. I saw some discussion about it on the KDE forum: it will be solved with the update to KDE 6.0.5. According to the Fibonacci release cycle, this will be released on Tue 2024-05-21 (plus maintainers’ delay).

Oh jeez I remember fixing this on my install. In one of the many kde config files there’s an improper 0 ,0 default size setting for the system tray. I’m in bed but I’ll check my kate history to see if I can find it in the morning

I’m using “Breeze dark EndeavourOS” and it is exactly like Magus described it and i’m already using the wayland version.

But out of the blue, the problem is no more. The windows appears just normal. I will keep an eye on this and will report here, when it returns.

I fixed the system tray not popping up on my machine by going into ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
finding systemtray entries, and changing 2 of them.

On the entries I changed these:
from 0 to 300, re-logged, and then it started popping up as expected.

This is the post that helped me figure that out I assume the error is that these 0, 0 settings are the default for when the config file entries are created, and that default is what they’re going to change in 6.0.5

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