Transparent wood

Stumbled across this, this is a game changer for construction.


Who’d have thought, I first thought it was a joke but this opens up a lot of opportunities.

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That’s is super-cool!!
LOVE it, will certainly make some stuff.

Wonder what about termites and other little insects…Will they still find such wood tasty? :laughing:

No, it’s impregnated with epoxy. There is only a cellulose matrix left of the wood, the material itself is mostly the resin.

I don’t think any little critter has an appetite for epoxy. :laughing:

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The big ones though…


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- Hey maaaaaaan, can i smoke your transparent table to get hiiiiiigh?
- No you fscking idiot, this one is real glass!!! :joy:

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Definitely it might be better for wood rot or mold suppression?

Why not use directly the epoxy without the wood? :man_shrugging: It doesn’t look like the wood adds anything to the composition. On the other hand some people would sell it as a super green alternative (it has wood) to the plastics (epoxy is a plastic material but we don’t have to mention it during marketing, right?).

Ther is even better alternative called polycarbonate or PMMA (plexiglass).


It does, it adds wood :rofl:

I was also wondering this after my sense of wonder at modern technology wore off. I suppose pretty much anything transparent could be used to form a matrix for the epoxy.


Such pubescent joke. :sweat_smile:


Only on Reddit! :roll_eyes:

I agree. The question now becomes, why kill the tree and handle hydrogen peroxide to create a matrix for chemical resin to stick to.

Because it’s transparent wood, it’s a novelty, an exotic material.

Wonder what biomod community would want to make transparent…:thinking:

Next up How to make your money transparent so no one can see it to steal it. Followed by, the emperors new clothes.


Wood is pretty amazing though. Kept wet and prevented from dry rotting it essentially lasts forever. Though i wouldnt know how the epoxy resin would respond to being wet

It will not respond it will be just wet. :wink: It’s much worse to expose it to a sunlight since it fall apart in UV light (not instantly but in a few months/years). So forget about epoxy porch.

Puzzled engineer from the 1980’s: “Transparent wood?”
Self-Satisfied Scotty: “Aye, laddie! that’s the ticket!”

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