Transfer storage between systems

I have EndeavourOS and Windows both set up in a dual boot system. I ran out of storage on my EndeavourOS system but I have some free space on my windows system. Now I want to transfer that storage over to my endeavourOS system without loosing any data on both systems.
BTW I am a newbie if you havent noticed so dont wonder, why the question is so stupid.

There is probably a “unix” way of doing it ( would be a good place to start) I usually use this software (from windows) to resize the windows partition:

It does a good job at being intuitive but also warning you if you’re about to do something stupid. Also it’s able to deal with Windows bullshit where Windows refuses to resize its own partition.

If I resize any of my partitions, is the data on them lost?

As longer as you don’t make it smaller than the amount of data that is on it, no. I.e. if you have 100GB of data on your Windows partition you can resize it to any size as long as the remaining partition size is larger than 100GB.

Most GUI partitioning software (as the one I linked above) will not let you (or at least strongly warn you) resize a partition below that point. So you should be safe in 99.9% of all cases.

There is a small chance that some data fragments are on some of the segments that are reassigned, but at least Paragon takes care of that and moves them to the correct segments.

I would suggest to shrink/resize your Windows partition from within Windows itself.
Use the disk manager tool (or some such).
Windows knows best to do Windowsy things so you won’t risk any data loss if you shrink your Windows partition from "outside.


Ah good tip thank you I have now resized my windows partition. But how do I make my linux bigger
? If I tap resize in Paragon I don t see an option to let me do that

Just as a reminder:

Always when doing partitioning stuff, it a good idea to make sure that you have backed up your personal data and other stuff worth keeping. And yes, backup should go to an external disk.

Backups are an essential safety guard for many potential threats.