Tracker-miner-f eating 50% CPU resources

Hi, forgive the newbie post. I’m not sure if this is the right place.

After the last update and reboot, my computer stopped at the BIOS ram check. I restarted it again.

Fully booted, I have tracker-miner-f taking up 50 to 70% of CPU resources according to top.

Not sure what that service is nor why it’s eating up so much resources. Not sure if I should kill it or how.

If anyone can help, thanks!

Have a read of this, it’ll explain to you what it is


Wow, thanks Smokey. It’s strange because I’m on KDE Plasma. But I do have a big multimedia library.

I’ll let it run its course then.


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Your welcome, I would guess it may have installed with some other program you’re using but that’s just a guess.

Yes, I installed something based on gnome not too long ago. This was the first reboot after an update. And it’s completely stopped. Thanks!

IIRC after some upgrades to tracker, it has to rebuild its index, and that takes some time and resources

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If you are using Plasma instead of Gnome, you will want Baloo to index your files, not tracker-miner.

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Sounds great but I’m not sure how to do that. Can you help me? Thanks

Open KDE System Settings and go to File search. Enable it and change any settings if you wish. By default, it indexes /home folder excluding hidden files/folders.
Also disable tracker-miner but I don’t know how to do that. Perhaps the faq may help or there may be a service file to be disabled.

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Thanks, I’m going to look it up. Seem that tracker is now taking up to 100% CPU resources when I reboot :frowning:

Mentioning the specific package may help others understand the issue better?

pacman -Sii tracker-miners
says it’s a dependency for gnome-documents.
My output’s in German so I didn’t paste.

I was hunting down the culprit. I think it was Gnome Music. I was having player issues. I’ll find out on the next reboot. As soon as I removed Gnome Music, tracker stopped. I hope that was the reason and not because it had stopped indexing. What a nasty piece of software!

I’m still not sure the player is the culprit.

Thanks guys

It’s pretty sure the culprit

gnome-music comes with tracker3-miners 3.2.2-1

and package contents begins with:


Thanks TomDoe,

Does that mean I have to manually remove tracker from all these directories? I removed Gnome Music using yay -R. Thanks

Reinstall gnome-music and the remove it with

sudo pacman -Rns

Here are some basic pacman commands

The files I listed are merely the tip of the iceberg of dependencies :grinning:

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Hazzah! Tracker was removed. Thanks TomDoe!

So I guess pacman is better than yay for some things? I need to learn more about it.


yay -Rns should work as well
Just remember don’t sudo yay!

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Thanks, that much I knew :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!