Touchpad sensitivity disabled

So I bought a new laptop, actually a Mexican brand named Ghia. It’s not the greatest but it works fairly well except for one thing. The touchpad sensitivity options are unavailable for some reason

It doesn’t matter if I adjust the fingerhigh, fingerlow, or any other sensitivity parameters, nothing changes. (all other settings work)

Also everything is available on the gui touchpad settings on KDE except for any option related to sensitivity is greyed out

It’s nothing to do with the configuration file or synaptics driver, I’ve checked. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do in the BIOS to enable this or if I’m stuck with being unable to control the sensitivity

if GUI no help you or fail ( most time will :innocent: ) it time for investigation :blush:

if it " synaptic " you feel . Here a good start point " "

Thanks but I’ve read that and tried every option possible

Everything works fine except for sensitivity. Speed, acceleration, tap time, etc. all work but adjusting the sensitivity does nothing