Touchpad on Dell Latitude E7490: limited features

Hello there,
I am new on EndeavourOS, just installed the KDE Version on a Dell Latitude E7490. Prior to this, I was for years on a Dell E7440 running Manjaro KDE.

I realized, that the Dell E7490 Touchpad on EndeavourOS has limited features for now, just mouse clicks and two fingers scrolling works. The system settings also do not offer more features, like e.g. zooming.

Is there any additional driver or library required to enable more touchpad features in the system settings?
I am on Xorg, Libinput and xf86-input-libinput are installed, if that matters.

Thanks a lot!

you should be able to configure your Touchpad in the KDE System Settings, just type touchpad in the search window of the system settings window.

If that does not help, this might:

Touchpads have always been a bit tricky though if they don’t fully work out of the box.

Thanks, for quick reply. The point is, that the systems settings only offer the limited features:

After installing xf86-input-synaptics, I got a more feature rich settings for the touchpad, but still the pinch zoom feature was missing:

However, I found the solution: Pinch zoom is enabled by using the ctrl button while zooming on the touchpad. Problem solved!

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