Totally disfigured keyboard

totally disfigured keyboard
I installed Endeavoros but was very disappointed! key is always unconfigured

Can you provide more specifics? What do you mean by the key being “unconfigured?” Do you mean you’re having issues with keyboard layout?

yes, slow keyboard, keys that don’t obey, having to click twice and three times

Well, without providing an accurate description of the issue at hand, it is very difficult for us to help you. For instance, is the keyboard still very unresponsive from the TTY? If the delay doesn’t occur in the TTY, chances are that there’s an issue with the graphic drivers and/or the display server (the fact that mouse clicking is unresponsive seems to hint at that as well).

What display server are you using? X11 or Wayland? What desktop environment? What kernel version? What about some hardware information?

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Sistema Operativo: EndeavourOS
Versão do Plasma do KDE: 5.27.10
Versão das Plataformas do KDE: 5.114.0
Versão do Qt: 5.15.12
Versão do ‘Kernel’: 6.6.10-arch1-1 (64-bits)
Plataforma Gráfica: X11
Processadores: 4 × Intel® Core™ i7-6560U CPU @ 2.20GHz
Memória: 7,6 GiB de RAM
Processador Gráfico: Mesa Intel® Iris® Graphics 540

I think I already solved the problem! I think it was wireless keyboard and computer communication. Thank you!

That’ll definitely do it. Bad USB connection, low batteries, etc.

Yes. it’s already solved! keyboard working well! Thanks!