Total number of pakages in default endeavour os + kde

My question is pretty straightforward

what’s the number of apps in default endeavour os and kde plasma?

is it under 500 or 1000 or over that?

It depends what you select during the install process.

We provide options for you to decide what you want to install and what you don’t.

I am, coincidentally, in the middle of doing a test install. If you would like I can do a package count on it when it completes.

Most of the packages that are installed come in as dependencies so the only way to get a count is to do an actual install.

You could also have a look here to get some idea on what is on the “default” package lists:

one way find out … install ( if no sure Endeavouros for you ! use a VM )

EDit . Welcome to Endeavouros forum

I just did an install and the number of packages installed with a KDE install was 740. Although, again, it depends what you select during the install process.

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Was that with everything on the eos-base-group and plasma?

Not everything. It was more than I would select on a personal system but less than everything.

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I have never understood the concern over the number of packages as a metric. The number of packages tells me absolutely nothing useful. If the installed system performs the tasks I need to get done, the number of packages is irrelevant. A much more meaningful metric is how much space does the entire installed system occupy on the disk.

As some one who builds Arch based systems, I can tell you my builds contain anywhere from 1100 to 1300 packages. Of that total, less than 200 packages are over 2Mb in size. That means approximately 900 to 1100 packages are less than 2Mb in size. If I want to reduce the footprint of the installed system, I have to look at cutting packages from the roughly 20% that take up the most space. 80% of the packages take up so little space individually, that it is ridiculous to be concerned with the number of packages alone.



I’ll quickly mention a useful tool: qdirstat lets you analyse the space taken by installed packages. In my case about 20 packages out of 1477 account for roughly half the space.

You could also get a list of 50 largest packages in your system sorted by descending installed size:

pacman -Qi | awk '/^Name/{name=$3} /^Installed Size/{print $4$5, name}' | sort -hr | head -50


1872.23MiB intellij-idea-community-edition
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And people say VSCode is bloat :rofl:

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This is easier

alias pacsize="expac -H M '%m\t%n' | sort -h"

here are my top 10

200.94 MiB      clang
204.30 MiB      firefox
244.79 MiB      mono
257.98 MiB      chromium
344.40 MiB      dotnet-sdk-bin
366.05 MiB      llvm
372.97 MiB      rust
432.14 MiB      go
477.62 MiB      linux-firmware
676.44 MiB      ttf-iosevka-nerd

I didn’t know nerd fonts took that much space.

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More than half of the top 50 for me is various dev tools.

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On windows my matlab earlier took 50 GB.
On a fresh install I removed some modules and now it takes 26 GB

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This is better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

alias top10="expac -H M '%m\t%n' | sort -hr | head -10"


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300mb for vscode :yum:

178.06 MiB      jre-openjdk-headless
180.11 MiB      virtualbox
181.13 MiB      electron18
210.18 MiB      nordpass-bin
237.23 MiB      firefox
278.24 MiB      ungoogled-chromium-bin
302.26 MiB      visual-studio-code-bin
368.51 MiB      llvm
435.03 MiB      go
517.46 MiB      wine
551.29 MiB      rust

LaTeX for the win :woman_shrugging:

Generally fonts-related things seem to take up a lot of space.

1371,14MiB texlive-fontsextra
783,09MiB pycharm-community-edition
676,44MiB ttf-iosevka-nerd
626,21MiB nvidia-utils
517,46MiB wine
476,74MiB zoom
402,71MiB libreoffice-still
392,93MiB texlive-core
368,51MiB llvm
356,79MiB losslesscut-bin

The biggest package in the repos is intel-oneapi-basekit, which is some 12.2 GiB.

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