Total CPU usage

I use KDE and sometimes when I see my fans are running fast and temp is rising/high without me doing anything at all, I open System Monitor and see that my CPU is at 100% usage, while there’s no activity at all on the processes/applications(within the System Monitor app).

Are there some system processes that System Monitor doesn’t pick up or why does it not show them?
What’s the best way in these cases to check what cause the CPU to go that high?

Try searching the forum for a fix. There are several posts with similar issues. A few have been solved.

Click here for a good search query:

In the future, you should search for the issue first on the forum, then if none of the results are similar or seem to fix your issue, then make a separate thread. :wink:

True that.
Somehow I missed that.

Didn’t find why System Monitor does pick up the real CPU usage, but doesn’t display what causes it.