Torbrowser no more working

impossible to use Tor from since one week ; it was working and now nothing , even after desinstall and reinstall ( pacman -S torbrowser-launcher) ; my system is updated regularly - typical each 10 days - and I didn’t remember errors messages …
Both applications appears in my menu : torbrowser and torbrowserlauncher configurations , but no action whatever I do for both.
Probably I miss something ?any suggestion would be appreciated.I did remember how I install it at the origin of Endeavour.

I use neither of these packages so I couldn’t be of help troubleshooting the issue:
However I do use TOR browser running it as a portable app.

You just need to download it from and extract it.
Then you need to go inside the extracted folder and double-click on the TOR browser icon.


thanks pebcack , I reinstalled as indicated and it’s working ; unfortunately I do not understand this app has been deleted !!! Also I have some others matters like opening of “welcome menu” take now ca 30 s , while previously it was instantaneous …My second pb with endeavour ( 1st was grub mistake requiring chroot)

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The welcome app taking forever to load is something I’ve noticed as well, but it probably deserves its own topic rather than being on a thread about Tor browser, which is completely unrelated :wink: