Top Gun 3 is coming?

Did Y’all heir about top gun 3? who else is exited?

Not that exicted about it, I don’t even think I saw the second one hey but I go back and watch the first from time to time. (BTW I moved this to lounge as its not about system or any issue)


thx man

Your welcome, if you hover your mouse over sections it will tell you what each is for to help you get to know where to post


Its magic :scream:


Top Gun III: Final Conflict focuses on Maverick’s adventures in a home for retired veterans. Frustrated by the petty rules and restrictions placed on him by his nurses and orderlies, Maverick starts a secret school inside the institution where he teaches wheelchair dogfighting tactics to his fellow geezers. The film climaxes in an intense, fast-moving indoor battle between the rebellious residents commanded by Maverick and the nursing home staff led by the cruel & snobbish facility administrator.

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