Tomorrow is a big day for Thailand

This means that the production, import, export, distribution, consumption, and possession of cannabis will be formally legalised.


I live in Colorado. Be careful what you wish for.



The first time I went to Seattle, I rode buses and it was awesome downtown. The last time I went I got so sick from the smell of weed and homeless people I ended up renting a car on like the third day. It’s legal in LA now, and among many other horrendous entitlement laws you can’t even walk down town underneath an over pass without having to walk into the street around the make shift apartment complex. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Maybe not. But nothing has gotten better since it was legalized, that’s for sure.

I’m with Pudge on that. Be careful what you wish for.


There’s a lot more factors contributing to homelessness than the legal status of cannabis.

For me, drug legalisation without regulation is asking for trouble.

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Me too… I can’t stand the smell of it. It’s been legalized in Canada for a while and it brings with it a lot of problems. We’ve spent so many years trying to get people to stop smoking because of the smoking related illnesses and deaths. This doesn’t help. I wish they hadn’t legalized the sale of it but only decriminalized the possession of it for amounts considered for reasonable consumption by an individual. Now we stores on every other corner in some places. Not a fan!

Edit: Now we have kids being addicted to this vaping craze and that is just as bad!


Very true. Cannabis in particular needs to be treated as a public health issue, not as part of the “War on Drugs”.

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Sure. If you re read what I wrote, I thought “among many other entitlement laws” was pretty clear, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate.

The overwhelming cascade of very bad politics, especially since COVID hit has amplified it exponentially.

I strongly agree on the impact of “very bad politics” and COVID, but much less so on “entitlement laws”. However, this is a generally cohesive community, and I will say no more in this thread other than I look forward to seeing what positive and negative lessons can be learned from Thailand’s experience over the next decade or so.


It’s not really an agree or not kind of thing as it was just a statement and not an opinion. But either way, we will definitely see how it goes for them.

yaba and yama are the big issues tearing T’land apart, same as neighbouring countries down that way - as for dope, when i lived down that way, it is often used in stock for soups and the like and has always been around, so illegality really was only ever an effect of of colonialist influence - Siam dodged being colonised incidentally (except by the Burmese who sacked vast swathes of the country a long time ago), but certainly didn’t dodge its influence… So legal or illegal, makes no difference, but crystal meth and meth, that’s the demon - kids take it to kill boredom, rice planters take it to plant more, middle class office workers take it for fun etc etc etc. And the Burmese and Chinese barons/producers get rich in the process. And so cheap. So sad.

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I use Arch, btw!


As much as I detest this barbaric habit, I am of the opinion that it is not the state’s business to make any plant illegal. There should be no laws at all regarding cannabis. One should be free to do with one’s plants on one’s own property whatever one wishes.

However, I also think it should be legal to shoot anyone whose smoke you have to inhale against your will, subject to the rules imposed by the property owner, of course. So it might be strategically wise to wait with legalising the former until the latter can also be legalised :wink:


Hmm…I hoped we can stay away from politics on this one but I guess I should have known better. Ah well.

P.S. This message is directed at the direction the topic has taken in general and not the post directly above this one solely.