Today's update prevents login 16-Nov-2022

I’m running Openbox on a Lenovo Z510 and today’s update prevents me from login on 2 kernels. I update daily. Have the following installed:

linux 6.0.8.arch1-1
linux-lts 5.15.78-1
linux-lts54 5.4.223-1

Both linux and linux-lts just return me to the login screen over and over. Linux-lts5.4 permits me to login as normal.

I haven’t had time to troubleshoot yet and will followup later when I figure out what’s happening.

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Is it possible to switch to a TTY?

It’s possible that Openbox crashed. Can you check your journal entries? Also check ~/.xsession-errors. Might find a few clues there.

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Right on. Checked ~/.xsession-errors and found a picom error. the line “picom --experimental-backends --vsync” in the openbox autostart file was causing errors. Fixed that and all three kernels boot and login.

Found a ton of other errors and warnings that were not causing serious problems. Will clean those up too.

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