Today is THE day

It is about 3 months having fun trying to dive more seriously into the Linux world. Thank to eOS and this awesome community. I learned a lot. And today is the day I finally got rid of my Windows partition completely and stay on EndeavourOs as my daily. I like to have yet another distro for testing and learninig which is Debian for now. But endeavourOS made me confident enough to make this change and I enjoy the journey. Wow, it feels great…


I’m happy for you. It’s a brave thing to do and most people cannot do it. I still remember the month/year when I made the leap and climbed the steep learning curve and never looked back. Rock on.


Well done LrestJ.

On a related topic; upgrading drivers and firmware.

I have used Linux as my daily OS for years. Still I keep a Windows partition as a “security blanket.” I know about fwupd, just am not certain that will allow me to update all the drivers and firmware for my hardware.

Am wondering about my own readiness to rid my system of Windows.


Congratulations on making the leap. It can feel a bit strange at first to be a newbie again, but it gets better with time.

I’ve been through it too and so far after 2+ months I still don’t regret it. Not one bit.



Great decision.


Thank you all. It feels better than I thought it would. Windows does not suit me well for years and I really like linux workflow. I like to learning stuff that I can apply in practice. Recently I managed to resolve some problems without a need for reinstallation and that encouraged me to make the switch. I like cli approach more and more, using mc too. Going one step at the time and learning is a joy.


That’s the spirit! :+1:

Me too. :wink:

You’re on the right track, keep up the good work!
With linux we all are bound to learn new things almost every day. :smile:


Great move!

I went Linux-only about 2.5 years ago and haven’t looked back. Initially Arcolinux then moved EOS as it was a slimmer package and wanted to force myself to become more comfortable using the terminal.

It can take some time/effort to find suitable Linux alternatives to the big MS apps everyone is familiar with but is worth it and I’ve found often the apps are better.

Rather than a dual-boot though, I simply had a second drive I would swap out if I needed to return to Windows. Now I have a cheap little Intel i5 NUC as a second system to muck about on - try different distro’s, desktops, test, learn, break and reinstall (which I’ve done many times now!)