Today I'm turned 22yo

Yet another year in my life, that could ended quickly before a 1st one, as even C-section was giving risks to my mother and doctors recommended to her to halt pregnancy until the last hours.
When darkness of my mind takes over me, which sadly happens often, can’t say that I didn’t liked to have this possible outcome of my story

But coming back to this another lived by me year:

  • After 4 years of being outside of my fatherland and being sad and alone, because my first college-relationships died from being separated for several thousand kilometres for years, I finally found myself in love again.

  • Thought that I found the inner peace

  • Started hitting gym together with her on July 13th.

  • Broke up with her after 3 months being happily together, 2 last weeks were a horror of silent-treatment for me.

  • Lost inner peace

  • But continued to hitting gym

  • Quickly started new relationships just to cope, which more turned to be a gym buddy gf

  • Ended it after 1 month after a first try to manipulate me. Didn’t hurt me, but that’s was weird.

  • Continued to hitting gym, started running which never did before in my life

  • Started going to the drivers school, now preparing for the theory exam.

  • Started heavy lifting which never did either, progressed from 50kg(110lbs) deadlift to 100kg(220lbs), bench press 20kg(44lbs) to 65kg(143lbs), shoulder press empty barbell to 30kg(66lbs), running 6km/h 20min to 11km/h, pull-ups 4 to 10.

  • Moved to another university, though still computer engineering and not biology/medicine as I wished.

  • Understood that it’s was terrible idea to cope yours mental problems and unhappiness with love. And that you need find peace while being single.

  • During this time a good pen pal friend in whom
    I found no romantical interests, slowly turned into a distance relationship

  • Started walking daily a lot again, trying to walk at least 10km a day.

  • Learning now how to play electric guitar.

  • Slowly regaining my inner peace back


Best wishes for your birthday!

:cake: :birthday:

And congratulations for doing the hard work of improving yourself. Rushing into relationships just for the sake of feeling better is a road to more misery. If you do not have the true self-esteem, your relationships will be doomed to failure, and you will always pick a bad person to be in a relationship with. Self-esteem is the reputation you have with yourself. You cannot fake that. You cannot impress yourself by having a good looking girlfriend. You need good values in life, that is the only way you will recognise these values in another person.


best wishes for your birthday! :birthday: :tada: :cake:

Don’t let it get you down, you seem to be on a very good path.
It’s never easy to talk about yourself and your feelings. you deserve my deepest respect for the way you’ve done it.

I hope you enjoy your day today as much as you want to


Many thanks for the congratulations and wise words Kresimir, I appreciate that.

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Thank you very much!

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I’m an old man in comparison and I’m impressed by your effort to own your own life and make the best of it.

I believe the best you can strive for is to become yourself amongst people who appreciate you for who you are.

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Thank you very much!

Happy birthday! Keep going; Weight lifting made me one heck of a good man in 1987 to prepare for military service. Wishing you the best for your studies, as this is also important! Take great care,
François :wave:

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I don’t remember being 22 that must have happened during one of my blackouts back then.

Congrats and Good luck

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@thefrog @Epictetux, thank you both very nuch!

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